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Our Story

Margaret and Ross have been tutoring students on the Gold Coast for the last 10 years. Margaret and Ross have been in the education system in NSW, and Qld for more than 30 years, enabling them to bring their expertise to the teaching programs designed for your child. Margaret has been in leadership positions in schools on the Gold Coast, and has worked in the learning support area in schools on the Gold Coast as well. Ross has been teaching Maths and Science in schools for over 30 years.

The highest of qualifications:

Margaret: M. Ed, Dip T, T.C, Dip Theol (Ed), TESOL Cert IV

Ross: B.Sc (Gen);, (Syd Uni), Dip Ed,, A.T.C.L (Piano) (Trinity College London), T.C

Making a Difference with Gold Coast Education and Tutoring Services:

“Thank you to Margaret, Ross and your team. I was surprised when I asked my two kids “How’s tutoring going, do you like it?” I got the reply of “I love it mum, they are so good at explaining stuff, it makes sense!” Wow, I never thought I’d hear that. They both understand their work so much better which makes their school life a lot easier. Thank you for your devotion and patience with my two". – Sandie


The FREE assessment

We provide a free assessment to determine your child's areas of need. At this point we can also discover your child's strengths, and styles of learning.

Lessons, Celebrating Milestones!

Lessons run for 80 minutes with a variety of activities, targeting the areas identified in the assessment. We love to celebrate milestones - prizes, trophies....!!!!

What do our parents have to say?

'My children have been going for 4 weeks, my 9 yr old daughter is more confident in class and is getting better behavior results and within the first 2 weeks my son in prep (also diagnosed to be on the spectrum) had gained/learnt 4 words in his gold words level at school... thanks Jan and Marg. Thanks Gold Coast Education and Tutoring Services.' - Kristine Giroussis

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Why Us?

 - Confidence!

- Motivation!

- Reducing stress!

- Independence



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